These boots were made for walking !

So in love with these boots from Pretty Little Thing.

I’ve recently become obsessed with the croc style material and square toe boots.

These boots in particular are so comfortable – I’m not a heel girl but the heel is super easy to walk in. You can wear these heels with a t-shirt dress and it can make a simple outfit look banging !

I will be posting a YouTube video on how I will style this boots. So please click on the link and subscribe. 

Will also be doing a Q+A on there as my first video so ask me any questions on either here or Instagram.

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Coco Chanel

Chanel Literally have the best vintage suits/co-ord sets as you can see from some runway outfits below.

I came across one two piece today that I thought was really cute and wanted to style it.

Scroll down to see what pieces I’ve put together.



I came across this blue two piece and thought it would definitely look good as a cute summer fit; even though it’s vintage it would still match with today’s fashion.

Although the outfit can be worn with a white pair of sneakers, I thought because it’s Chanel it defo has to be worn in sophistication (if that makes sense).

I love all 3 fits but my most favourite would have to be the one in the middle, paired with some subtle silver jewellery (preferably Chanel).

Leave comments and let me know what you think. Xx

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#2 LBD

Honestly guys these shoes didn’t make it out the house; they never have and they never will😂 they’re so bomb but I reckon a size up is needed because of the material. I love them so much but didn’t have time to change them because I took them with me on holiday. So I’ll definitely be getting another pair, hopefully in every colour too.
Other than that, I haven’t worn a side split dress in forever because I just felt it was super awkward but I thought “lemme just give it a go” and my confidence was super through the roof since I had just come back from turning up in Miami.
I love this fit so much, it’s super simple and cute and cheap.

Shoes – Click Here
Dress – Click Here

Link for wig on previous posts


Beach Please !


So I’ve recently just come back from Miami, which was honestly one of the best holidays I have been on. The sun was literally working in my favour, it made my skin glow, my energy right and everything.
I went for 10 days and thought 10 or 11 bikinis would be enough because “I’m only going to need one bikini a day” how wrong was I ?.  Some days I would wear 2/3 bikinis; one to the pool, one for lunch and maybe one to the club with a skirt or a pair of trousers. Honestly though, I love a swimwear, if I could wear bikinis all the time, my life would be made. Here are some of the Miami beachwear looks.

These cover up trousers were honestly my fave from missguided and it was so hard to pick as there were so many colours to chose from, but I thought the yellow on my skin would look hot.

I chose to get this yellow bikini because I thought my theme for this holiday was going to be yellow but I only managed to get 2. I decided yellow because it just looks good on dark skin.

Flares – Click here
Bikini – Click here

I think this was my favourite look, I came across this high cut thong bikini on the zaful instagram and thought I NEEEEED, it was not as high cut as I wanted but it was still hot and super cheap. And the flares from Ebay.

Bikini – Click Here
Flares – Click Here

This was another fave, anyone who knows me probably knows that Pink is one of my favourite colours, so this look was so bomb to me, I felt like a flamingo 🙂 and super affordable as the whole fit is from ebay (minus the slides).

Mesh trousers – Click Here
Bikini – Click Here

This swimsuit was just giving me Versace vibes and that’s the only reason I got it, I’m not really into full swimsuits but I loved this one.

Swimsuit Click Here

There were so many more looks but these ones had to be my favourite.

Intro to my Fashion Blog

Hey guysss, so I’ve realised lately that I’ve been spending too much time on my phone and need to start doing something that I have a proper interest in; which is fashion/style. So I’ve decided to start a fashion blog which will enable me to put my phone down for an hour or two a day and write and post about my outfits, clothes I have an interest in etc.
Anyone who knows me know that I love dressing up, any opportunity given I have to do the most with an outfit, whether its going out or going to the corner shop (literally). Like if I really had to, I think I could make an outfit out of a bin bag.

I’ve been into dressing up/fashion from young. When I was younger I used to look up to be inspired by Posh Spice and wanting to look bougie all the time, but now I’m more into the Teyanna Taylor and Rihanna kind of style where they wear whatever and make it look good, and I also have my days where I look up to the old school Lil Kim. 🙂

I have a lot of context prepared for this blog and want to try and post one everyday, so I’d appreciate it if you could all like, share or whatever we do on here, not 100% sure yet lol, and also keep an eye out for my posts.

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Love you all loads xxxx

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